How to Choose the Right CBD Product for You

July 10, 2019

You may have heard that CBD is the hottest trend in wellness; many are catching onto the benefits of CBD. Unfortunately it is a highly unregulated industry and be extremely confusing to figure out which brands are worth your money. When you purchase a hemp-sourced CBD product, you can benefit from the potential benefits of cannabis without the risk of intoxication or psychoactive compounds that would show up on a drug test. For this reason, it is quickly becoming a mainstream supplement in the health and wellness world.

After researching CBD and how it works, many people with the desire to try CBD are still hesitant to make their first purchase. Some are afraid of purchasing the wrong type of product for their needs, others are afraid of being taken advantage of and wasting their money. And for good reason,  after learning that many products on the market contain little, if any, CBD.

If you are interested in the many potential health benefits of CBD, but need more information before you can commit to a purchase, keep reading for our 7 buying tips. The more you know, the easier it is to determine the best type of product for your needs- and to avoid inferior products.

Which CBD Product Do You Need?

When it comes to selecting the best CBD product, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Only you can decide the types of products that fit your needs and your lifestyle. The following product descriptions could help you narrow down your options:

CBD Tinctures/ CBD Oil
A broad spectrum CBD tincture is a blend of hemp oil and a carrier oil such as MCT or hemp seed oil. . A versatile product, CBD tinctures can be added to foods or beverages, applied topically, or simply swallowed. Most people using a CBD tincture use the sublingual method, holding the oil under their tongue for 30-90 seconds before swallowing. Holding the tincture under your tongue allows the CBD to absorb into your bloodstream before hitting your digestive tract. PureSwing CBD’s tinctures contains 0% THC, the psychoactive compound  in marijuana. CBD tinctures may be ideal for those looking for a product with the potential to work quickly but provide long-lasting results.

CBD Edibles
CBD gummies could be an ideal option for those who value ease of use and convenience. When you use gummies, each dose is already measured for you and you never have to worry about shaking bottles, counting drops, or answering the questions of curious onlookers. Many people prefer using  CBD edibles because they are simple, discreet, and portable. They fit perfectly in gym or golf bag, and it’s easy to share with friends who are curious to try!

CBD Topicals
Topical products, like PureSwing CBD’s Roll-on CBD,  salves, lip balms, and skin creams allow you to apply CBD directly to where you need it most. The roll-on is great for muscle fatigue or specific soreness, such as the lower back or elbow, where many golfers tend to experience pain.